My Cat is Fat!

Any cat experts out there??

I’m embarrassed (and concerned) to say my cat Truffles is getting very overweight. She’s a ten year old Siamese, who I’d like to live another ten years but I’m worried about her health.

In truth it’s not her I need the advice for, there is another culprit.

Let me explain in an amusing way so I can show off pictures of my cats at the same time.

Nothing has changed in her eating habits, but her activity level is down-A LOT. 

The weight gain could be due to laying around like this….

Or from just laying around watching Buffy on the dvd player….

But really, the culprit is our other cat, Spooky! This innocent looking one…

He’s an SPCA kitty we got a couple of years ago, and he’s a MENACE to her! When we first got her I had to actually carry her from room to room or as soon as she moved an inch, he’d pounce and attack her! He has mellowed out a little over the last couple of years, so she can slowly walk from room to room, but she keeps her eyes on every corner, watching in case he jumps on her. She doesn’t run around any more, she used to do "laps" of the house either walking or running, but no more.

Any suggestions on how to get Spooky to stop chasing and attacking her? Nothing seems to work. We spray him with water and he just looks at us like, "What?!". We lock him up by himself in the bedroom, he doesn’t care. Help!

In other news, I am plugging away at my second draft, doing about three chapters per day. I seem to be staying on target to finish by July 1st!

Thanks  to everyone who has agreed to keep me "accountabilibuddied" until I finish!



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6 responses to “My Cat is Fat!

  1. As a lifelong cat owner, I have some suggestions. The first is to take the cat to the vet to see if there is an underlying problem causing the weight gain, aside from the feline arguments. Your cat is now ten and problems could be manifesting, particularly in a pure breed kitty. There might be a kidney problem or arthritis might have set in. Maybe a heart condition.
    If your cat is not sick, then the vet will be able to advise you on a weight management program designed for the older cat. There are foods especially designed for aging pets, both wet and dry.
    My next suggestion would be to put a collar with a bell attached to the aggressor so your victim kitty can always hear him and pinpoint his location. Aggression is hard to deal with. I found the best way was to bellow at the fighting animals. A loud and furious voice is always a better phycological weapon than physical punishment, that they don’t understand as the former will occur immediately and the latter won’t. They live in the moment. If you need to break up a fight that can’t be stopped by shouting, then use a rolled up newspaper to tap the aggressor. A light tap will produce a hollow sound and cause a stop in unacceptable behavior, but it must be accompanied by the angry bellow. See, it is the sound that they take notice of.
    My snowshoe will run to his own designated time out spot if I have to yell. I also always use the name of the cat when I yell and the word ‘No’. He will head off to hide on a shelf under my antique occasional table, thinking he has become invisible, until he imagines it is safe to come out as if nothing had happened. Ollie, the hoe, will just vanish into the basement. It means I can stop them at a distance and they know they are at fault for doing whatever it is they were not supposed to be doing.
    Cats do learn if you are consistent. Of course, it can backfire. I once had a cat that would suddenly appear and want mega fuss and attention. We then had to find out what he had done that was bad, because he was sucking up in anticipation of being told off. Unfortunately, his tactic usually worked like a charm as you can’t punish a cat in retrospect.
    I would also suggest getting a laser pointer for your Siamese. Play with her in a room with the door shut against the other cat, so she can chase the red mark if she is otherwise healthy. She will have fun and she will be getting a workout.
    You might also consider getting a fish tank. Both cats will want to eat the fish and spend hours fantasizing and plotting how to get the lid off the tank. Of course, they won’t but it will take their attention off of each other. The fish will be safe and won’t care anyway.
    Hope something here helps.

  2. Those are content-looking cats.
    Congrats on your second draft progress 🙂

  3. Thanks so much!
    Those are GREAT ideas. I should take her in for a check up, it’s been over a year.
    The bell idea is fantastic, I really think it would help…but my husband’s not crazy about the idea. Spooky has sort of become ‘his’ cat…he said as long as it’s a manly bell…LOL
    The laser pointer would be good too, she’s gotten a little old for chasing a string like she used to. She just sort of watches it…
    Thanks again, this has been really helpful!

  4. Thank you! I’m in “holy crap, I think this really sucks” mode right now, but continuing to slug through it and I’ll let my next readers tell me the truth. 😉

  5. Not a cat expert, just a cat lover. Sorry.
    Congrats on second-draft progress!
    Thanks for the add. 😀

  6. Thanks, I’m trying to convince my husband we should put a bell on the boy cat. He’s resisting, says it’s not manly. LOL
    You’re welcome for the add!

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