You’re how old?!

I missed my oldest brother’s birthday yesterday-June 20th. I missed it by TWO days because he’s in Australia. I blame my mother for not reminding me sooner. 😉

I told him I didn’t want to be reminded how old he is.

I’m not too bad with the whole getting older thing, I do feel great, life is great, I don’t focus on the number, no no no. Instead I choose to remain in an oblivious state of denial. Sure I could figure out how old my brother is from his year of birth and blah blah blah, however……I don’t want to.

The one thing that makes me feel "old" for some reason, is how old my two older brothers are-because it’s JUST  WRONG! There is no way they can be that old, when I’m so young still (ha ha). In my head, I’m still 13, my other brother is 16 and my oldest brother is an oh-so-cool 19 years old still. Hearing the truth of how old my brothers are starts my eye twitching and circuits in m brain start to fizzle.

My husband does not help this situation. He is also in complete denial of his age, though won’t admit it. (and he’s right in the middle of my two brothers in age) So he thinks we have lots of time for lots of things, including having kids. I, on the other hand, am starting to panic, and need to convince him the clock is ticking on overdrive and its about to spin itself right out of commission.

In the meantime, I’ll remain blissfully ignorant of the year I was born and what year we’re currently in. It’s just more peaceful that way.


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One response to “You’re how old?!

  1. I know. I’m 41 but it feel a lot younger. And when I took a REALAGE quiz not that long ago, it said my REALAGE was 36. I don’t mind that at all. 😛
    I think ‘age’ is a state of mind. If you feel a certain age, then you are. Too bad the body doesn’t always agree.

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