I’m stuck at home, recovering, mostly sleeping…but it’s not so bad, really. I’ve been napping with my cats, watching Buffy episodes on my portable DVD player, crocheting and reading. I should get stuck resting more often! LOL

I’m currently on Buffy Season four. I only caught little bits of Buffy when it was on, because that was when I was in university and I had much more important things to do (like partying and barely making it to classes) than to watch tv.

I’m so glad I started watching them all from the beginning now. For some reason it just makes me happy. Especially the theme music…every time I hear it I want to jump up and dance..though not right now, I’m supposed to be resting!

Happy Slaying!



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4 responses to “Recovering

  1. I’ve never watched Buffy (other than the original movie), but I wish I had an excuse to take the time out and watch it from the beginning the way you’re doing. Right now I feel guilty if I watch too much TV. I feel I should be writing! Or.. um.. working out. Yeah. Working out!

  2. I have the Buffy soundtrack 🙂 Just saying.

  3. Except for now when I’m a little down for the count and watching Buffy, I actually USED the Buffy episodes as a REWARD for my writing! So if I met my daily quotas, Friday night would be “Buffyathon” night, where I’d watch 3 episodes or even 4 in a row.
    I’ve been getting the seasons on ebay, pretty good prices.
    As for working out, well that’s just assumed, right??!! LOL

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