Second Draft Looming

I was so proud and excited to get to the end of the light edit of my novel, reading through, making notes, slashing stuff etc. Yesterday, I got to the end, but instead of elation…I felt absolute horror…knowing I now had to do the actual second draft!

Is this normal??

It seems more daunting than writing the first draft! All the corrections I have to make, and the notes! Oh my, the notes, on things I need to add, rework etc. Wow.

I am getting a break from it this weekend because I have to go up to Fort St John, BC, for the Northern Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships. I volunteer as the president of the association, so I will be there to run the athlete’s meeting as well as judge at the show. I won’t have a computer or internet access, so it’ll be a bit of rest. When I get back..I hope I can face up to my manuscript and get to work on my second draft!!

Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “Second Draft Looming

  1. Lol, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I love writing and hate editing. I prefer to wallow in the delusion that everything I write is perfect first time round.

  2. Ah, see. I’m the opposite. I love editing my work. Probably because it takes me so darn long to write the first draft.

  3. Ha ha! I’m definitely the opposite. I whipped through the first draft (well, in three months, I think that’s fast) and I did the read through pretty fast…now I’m embarrassed to say I am blatantly and wholeheartedly procrastinating.

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