The Lost Boys

I am proud to be of the "Lost Boys" generation.

Last night my husband and I watched The Lost Boys-again. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, or the two Corey’s and a young Kiefer Sutherland…but I LOVE this movie!


There have been great vampire movies since I have enjoyed, Interview with a Vampire, Blade and Underworld series, Van Helsing, Buffy, (tv show) and I’m sure I ‘m forgetting some. Oh yes, of course, Twilight, which brings me to my point. There will never be another Lost Boys. (They tried, and the sequel was oh-so-horrible). It seems to me The Lost Boys sums up an era, a generation, and those of us from that generation know we are unique, for so many reasons. I suppose every generation feels that way, but I can’t help look at "The Lost Boys" with pride, knowing I am a product of t hat time in the world.

The sound track especially tugs at my heart, bringing back memories of when I was…well, I won’t say how old….but it brings back great feelings. When my husband and I first moved in together as boyfriend and girlfriend (in sin, yes) we both had copies of the Lost Boys soundtrack and knew we’d made the right choice to be together!

And can I just say how amazing Jami Gertz still looks after all this time. Whatever she is doing/using, I want to know!

I even reference the Lost Boys in my novel. (still in editing) My main character meets a group of four strangers that remind her of the Lost Boys, including their leader, who, until she finds out his real name, to herself she calls "Kiefer".

Cheers to those of you from The Lost Boys generation and those of you who are not-go out and find this movie!!



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2 responses to “The Lost Boys

  1. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen the Lost Boys. I’m going to have to remedy that soon.
    What do you write?

  2. Never seen the Lost Boys!?! Oh are in for a TREAT! But remember when it was filmed…make sure you’re in the 80’s mood!! LOL
    I write speculative fiction, I just got back into writing and this time am taking it seriously. I have a story coming out in an all vampire anthology by Edge publishing, to be released at the 2010 World Horror Convention. (hooray!) This was my second submission and first acceptance so I’m thrilled!
    My novel is an Urban Fantasy and I really enjoyed writing it…and I was excited to edit it…I think I’ve just hit a “lazy” streak…!

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