Live Journal vs Blogger?


Since I am new to Livejournal, but I already have a blog on Blogger, I was wondering if people usually use both, or just one or the other??

I started a blog with Blogger (two actually, one fitness, one writing) in August of 2008, but haven’t been using either very much.

For some reason,  I am drawn more to Livejournal and have posted every day since I joined. Perhaps it is because of the ease of reading friend’s posts, or that it seems to be more of a community atmosphere than Blogger? I’m not really sure.

Do people use both? Are there advantages to using both? Are there things that blogger offers that livejournal doesn’t? I’ve also noticed most of the pages I visit here on livejournal don’t have ads, do most people do an upgrade to get rid of the ads?

I am wondering if it’s time to ‘retire’ my blogger blogs and just make my home here…any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

I hope the livejournal gods don’t swoop down and banish me for mentioning blogger, but…I’m still a newbie here, asking honest questions!! 🙂



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9 responses to “Live Journal vs Blogger?

  1. My sense of blogger (and I do have an inactive journal there, used mostly to comment if I need to) is that yes, in comparison, livejournal makes it easier to develop a community. You might be able to find some software that lets you cross post between both, so you can use this one as your main journal now, but not leave blogger entirely.
    And yes, if you pay for LJ, you get rid of the ads – its pretty cheap,and you get some bennies (more user icons, more text posts, ability to be nosy and read Friends of Friends pages, etc)

  2. I have a blog on Blogger as well, but I find the LJ program more ‘journal like’, the others are strictly for writing, while this one has more personal things.
    And thanks for the add, btw. 🙂

  3. Thnnks for the info and suggestions!

  4. LJ is definitely more of a community. I haven’t used my blogger account in ages, because there’s more interaction here. I do think there’s a way to post to both. You can certainly tie your blog to Facebook.

  5. I have an account on blogger that I never use. I think it is more friendly here, or I can find my friends easier.
    Having two takes up too much time I don’t have.

  6. I used to have a blogger blog too, where I just mirrored the content from livejournal. I switched over entirely to livejournal because I prefer the friends’ page function here – much easier to keep track of everyone!

  7. Thanks for the response. I haven’t been able to get the “find friends” to work. It keeps telling me my email and password don’t match (using email password not livejournal password) and I’ve had the account for 12 years, I got the password down. Any suggestions?

  8. Thanks, I am going to look into paying for LJ so I can be as cool as the rest of the kids. 🙂

  9. You probably need an lj password.

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