Hugs for Homeless Animals

Since  asked about my knitting projects I thought I’d make that today’s post. (thanks for the idea!)

I started knitting after my grandmother died and I received some of her things, including a few of the baby outfits she used to knit for the Children’s hospital. She did that for 45 years, donating beautiful outfits for the hospital. I thought, I want to do that! I definitely don’t have the skills my grandmother did, so I went searching for something befitting a beginner.

I found the book "Knitting for Peace" by Betty Christiansen, and there are enough worthy causes in this book to keep me busy for a lifetime. The one I thought I could best take on, was "Hugs for Homeless Animals".  One of the things they do, is they have a "Snuggles Project, which provides knitted, crocheted and fabric blankets to animal shelters. You can visit their website here:

While I love to make gifts for family and friends, making Snuggles blankets takes up most of my craft time now. I have taken them to our local SPCA, as well as donated them to a Chihuahua Rescue foundation. Below are a few of the blankets, along with my "tester", who tests and approves ALL blankets before they are sent out. I am currently working on a grey, red and navy striped blanket for a cat or small dog.


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  1. That’s some serious testing going on there. Thanks for sharing.

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