Time, time, never enough time!

Things I will never catch up:

Podcasts I want to listen to
Books I want to read
Craft Projects I want to start and complete

I am happy to say I did 19 pages of edits today, and I have my manuscript workshop tonight. Definitely a full day of writing related activites forwhich I am proud. 

Multi-tasking may be an incurable disease of mine, but still I will never get caught up on all the things I want to. That is my current excuse for not diving head first into Live Journal, but I am slowly adding to my profile and scrapbook and when I get up the nerve, I will venture out into unknown territory-the communities. Till then, I am content to just talk to myself and remain safe and secure in my own little Live Journal corner of the world.

I will, however, conquer it all….one day…when I get caught up on emails, and podcasts, and reading, and knitting and laundry and………..



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2 responses to “Time, time, never enough time!

  1. You’re certainly correct about the lack of time. I keep buying new books even though my stack of to be read titles is quite overwhelming. I’m also out riding my bicycle for hours at a time which really cuts into my reading time. Still, better to have too much to do than not enough I guess.
    What do you like to knit? Any pictures of current projects?

  2. Thanks for the comment, I think I’m starting to really Live Journal! I’ll have to search out people….
    I knit and crochet, mostly crochet lately. I’ll post some projects as my next entry for some fun.
    Thanks again!

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