Still exploring

I am still exploring LiveJournal, deciphering all the little bits and pieces.

I have decided to go with a nice, simple layout to begin with, until I have a better grasp of everything!

I’m really not sure if I NEED another place to hang out, cruise and socialize…LOL. But of course, here I am!!

If anyone reads this (ha ha ha) I have been spending a lot of time doing updates on my new ning network, Fit4Success. It’s brand new, it’s free, it’s fun and informative. We’re looking for more members (it’s only 5 days old!) because the more people we have, the greater the support for reaching our health, fitness and other life goals.

I’m going to try and post our network badge…if it doesn’t work, I still have the excuse that I’m new here….!

Visit Fit4Success



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2 responses to “Still exploring

  1. Welcome to LJ. It’s another source for networking and getting the word out about your projects or whatever you feel like talking about. You’ll find lots of authors, readers and other types here. Glad you’ve joined us.

  2. Thanks!
    Thanks for the welcome…I’m a little overwhelmed, which is normal when I start something new online…but if I can handle Twitter, I can get a grasp on this!
    Thanks again!

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